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We provide product testing, international approval, and professional expertise to ensure that your product meet the necessary requirements before entering into the market.

The automotive sector frequently demands the evaluation of new technologies based on specific technical specifications established and owned by vehicle manufacturers. We understand that It is essential for you to verify that your automotive products and their electrical/electronic subassemblies comply with conformity requirements. Our comprehensive approach addresses these evolving needs to facilitate the successful placement of your products in the market.

Our testing services include: 

  • Safety Testing 
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as per CISPR 12, CISPR 25, ISO 11452 series, ISO 10605 ,IEC 61851-21-2, AIS 138(PART 1), AIS 138(PART 2), AIS 004(PART 3)
  • Environmental testing as per IEC 60068 series, IS 9000 series, JSS standards and many more.